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With regards to balanced nutrients and high with protein, our larvae make great wholesome nutrition animal feed for pets. More importantly, our sustainable breeding process generate positive impact to the environment and always exceed customer expectations.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Live)

Dr. Larva Wholesome Feed

Live Black Soldier Fly larvae make an excellent animal nutrition feed or treats to any insect critters. Besides chickens and fishes, they are the best feed for songbirds, reptiles, or tropical ornamental fishes. Available in SMALL (40gram) or LARGE ( 100gram).

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DrLarva Wholesome Feed
Life Soil Organic Fertiliser
Black Soldier Fly Residue

Life Soil Organic Fertiliser

Life Soil is organically made from larvae residue which is balanced in Carbon Nitrogen ratio. Consequently, Life Soil specifically improve and enrich soil condition which is perfect for landscaping and plants growth. As a result, farmers enjoys better yield and sustainably planting without damaging the land.